Anti-Israel Organizations and the US

Michael Mickey 90x115 by Michael Mickey

Since taking office as president of the United States, President Barack Obama has made move after move signaling a departure from America’s long-standing bonds of friendship with Israel.

From the recent diplomatic row Between Washington and Jerusalem over Israel building settlements in East Jerusalem to the U.S. joining the UN Human Rights Commission, a traditionally anti-Israel entity, to reaching out to the Muslim nations of the world to the point of disgrace, even the likes of Iran and Syria, both of which are state sponsors of radical Islamic terrorism, the Obama administration can’t seem to land on the side of Israel on any front. God help us that this is the case!


South Korea, North Korea, Israel and Iran

Caroline Glick 90x115 by Caroline Glick

On Thursday the South Korean government did something important. It told the truth about North Korean aggression. On March 26, a North Korean submarine attacked a South Korean naval corvette with a torpedo. Forty-six South Korean sailors were killed in the unprovoked attack. And on May 20, the South Koreans ended all ambiguity about the nature of the attack and placed the blame where it belongs.

In its write-up of South Korea’s statement, The Los Angeles Times assessed that South Korea’s acknowledgment of North Korea’s murderous aggression will return the region to the days of the Cold War. The paper quoted Prof. Kim Keun-sik from Kyungnam University outside Seoul claiming that in the period to come, North Korea and China will face off against South Korea and the US.