God’s definition of happiness

Greg Laurie 90x115 by Greg Laurie

The Greeks called the island of Cyprus the happy isle. They believed that because of its geographical location, perfect climate and fertile soil, anyone who lived on Cyprus had it made in the shade. They had a word for the kind of happiness experienced there: makarios, which means self-contained happiness. They believed that everything you needed to be happy was right there on the island.

Now, we can’t all move to Cyprus, but I do think it is still possible for us to experience makarios. True happiness is independent of our circumstances; it is self-contained. Regardless of what is happening internally or externally, I believe it is possible to be a truly happy person, a genuinely blessed person.


Biden time in Brussels

Joseph Farah 90x115 by Joseph Farah

How do I say this delicately and politely?

Joe Biden is an idiot.

The vice president of the United States – a man a heartbeat away from the most powerful political office in the world – is a dunce, a walking, talking faux pas, a nincompoop, a buffoon, a goofball.

Now, we’ve all know this for a long time. And these qualifications in a vice president provide Barack Obama with insurance against impeachment. But Biden is truly becoming an embarrassment to the country.