Memorial Day Weekend

Everybody knows that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. I’m sure most of  you have plans lined up, or vacations to go on, picnics to attend. As you go about your weekend. Take a little time out of your activities to remember the Men and Women who served this Country and lost their lives doing so.

God has protected America since it came into existence and he alone gets the glory for it. He allows our military to protect us, and for that, they deserve our respect.

Here are two videos reminding us why we celebrate this weekend.


Texas: Misunderstander of Islam convicted of aiding Taliban, firearms training to “prepare for jihad”

Robert Spencer 90x115 by Robert Spencer

Doesn’t Adnan Mirza know that Islam no longer teaches warfare against unbelievers, and that Islamic scholars tell Muslims that they should integrate happily into Western secular societies?

What’s that? That’s only for Western consumption, and actually the jihad imperative and Islamic supremacism worldwide are more confident and assertive now than they have been for centuries? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe? More on this story: “Texas jury convicts Pakistani man of conspiring to support Taliban,” by Terry Frieden for CNN, May 28: