With Jewish Support For The President Plummeting, Obama Launches Charm Offensive: Netanyahu invited to White House

Joel Rosenberg 90x115 by Joel Rosenberg

Here’s a “train wreck” update. President Obama’s support with the American Jewish community is plunging due to his administration’s hostility towards Israel over the past year. A full 78% of Americans Jews voted for Obama in 2008. But now a stunning new poll finds 46% of Jews are actively considering voting for someone else in 2012. Only 42% say they would vote to re-elect Obama.


Revelation Revealed: Chapter 1

Dr. David Reagan 90x115 by Dr. David Reagan

Now, let’s begin our journey through the great book of Revelation!

[Read Chapter 1 in the NASB version via Biblegateway.]

Dr. Reagan: When studying the book of Revelation, most people seem to get bogged down in the details. And, tragically, they often focus on the Antichrist rather than Jesus Christ. In the process, they miss the big picture and the fundamental message. So, let’s go for the big picture and let’s seek the central Biblical message. Let’s engage in a sweeping overview of the book chapter by chapter.