Boundless Trust in the Infinite God!

Charles Spurgeon 90x115 by Charles Spurgeon

See Peter walking on the sea! I do not advise any of you to try it, neither did our Lord advise Peter to do so: we do well enough if we walk uprightly on land. But when Peter had once taken a few steps on the sea, he ought to have known that his Lord could help him all the rest of the way; but alas! His faith failed, and he began to sink. He could have walked all the way to Jesus if he had believed right on. So is it with us: our faith is good enough for a spurt, but it lacks staying power. Oh, may God give us to believe, so that we may not only trip over a wave or two, but walk on the water to the end! If the Lord bids you, you may go through fire and not be burned, through the floods and not be drowned. Such a fearless, careless, conquering faith may the Lord work in us!

EU, US pledge to ignore the motives and goals of the jihadists while fighting terrorism

Robert Spencer 90x115 by Robert Spencer

The EU and the US have completely bought in to the idea that it somehow “insults” or “defames” Islam to speak accurately about what motivates the jihadists, what they believe, and what they hope to accomplish — because to do so inevitably leads one into Islamic theology. They are thus pledging not to understand their enemy while trying to fight him — a sure recipe for disaster. “EU, US pledge to respect Islam while fighting terrorism – Summary,” from DPA, June 3 (thanks to all who sent this in):