The Upside-Down World

by Joel Hilliker

A couple weeks ago, a street-corner preacher in Britain mentioned to a passing shopper that the Bible calls homosexuality a sin.

The comment got him thrown in jail.

An atheist homosexual policeman contended that since Dale McAlpine’s remark was loud enough to be overheard, he had broken the Public Order Act—a law passed in 1986 to control violent rioters and football hoodlums. Police carted McAlpine off, and he spent seven hours in a cell for causing “harassment, alarm or distress.”

It was quite the crackdown, considering what happened elsewhere on Britain’s streets at about the same time. After an Israeli official gave a lecture at the University of Manchester, she was attacked by pro-Palestinian protesters. Police responded to this provocation by escorting the official from the premises in a police car. The protesters climbed onto the hood of the vehicle and tried to break the windshield. They were not prosecuted. Apparently in Britain, this is “protected speech.”


Vexed By The Ungodly?

by Michael Mickey

In 2nd Peter 2:6-8 we are given a glimpse into the wickedness that run amok in Sodom and Gomorrah prior to their destruction, as well as how difficult it was for just and righteous Lot to exist therein. We are told the environment of his time was so troubling to him his righteous soul was “vexed” on a day-to-day basis.

Based on the word ‘vexed’, what are we to perceive the condition of Lot’s soul was? In the original Greek it is kataponeō, the meaning of which is to “tire down with toil, exhaust with labor.” (Strong’s G2669)

Is Your Soul Exhausted?
If you’re a Christian and your soul isn’t troubled these days, even weary, it may be time to evaluate where your loyalties lie. As the saying on a popular bumper sticker goes, if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention! Either that or, once again, your priorities and loyalties are out of whack.