Let us fix our eyes on Jesus

I went out the other day to do some yard work and decided to clear out some of the overgrown brush that was behind my yard to gain a nice shaded area beneath some trees. As usual, nothing is ever as simple as it seems to be when you start a job. As I went along clearing out the unwanted brush. I came across some Picker bushes (which I absolutely hate), some poison ivy and some vine like weeds that actually grow to 3inch in diameter and sprawl through all of my Forsythia bushes that line the back yard. I hadn’t noticed before how overgrown this stuff had become. Trying to untangle these vines from the forsythia was a huge job. They had entangled and weaved all the way up each branch of the bush and were choking it to death and because they resembled the bushes and maybe my lack of being observant, they had gone unnoticed by me to the point that the forsythia bush was dying.


Symptoms: Propaganda

by Michael Mickey

Those unfamiliar with what I’ve been documenting here recently may wonder why so much of the video below is dedicated to documenting media bias, as well as questioning issues surrounding the birthplace and “home country” of President Obama.

Why am I highlighting these issues? I believe there is a great deal of propaganda being put forward by the Left through the mainstream media seeking to cast all people of a conservative nature, particularly people who have chosen to become politically active with the Tea Party movement, as radical extremists, racists and homophobes that they may silence all opposition to the WAY Left liberal agenda currently being pursued by the powers that be in Washington – an agenda that is lowering our nation’s spiritual and moral identity and damaging our relations with a key ally, namely Israel.