Nations in Distress With Perplexity

by Jan Markell

In Luke 21 there are several references to troubled times. In verse 25 it says nations will be in distress with perplexity suggesting that problems may be so grave, no one knows how to solve them. In verse 26, it refers to men’s hearts failing them from fear, especially when they see what may be coming upon them. In this context, the perfect storm is coming.

Rahm Emmanuel made the often-quoted statement that we should never let a crisis go to waste. Greece has a crisis. You may think that it is such a small nation that it isn’t worth exploring the deeper meaning. The real problem is contagion. Greece is just one of many socialist nations in Europe. Thus, Greece has been funding massive social programs and accumulating huge debt. Nations that could follow right behind Greece — and soon — include Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Great Britain, among others. All wobbly European nations are hoping the European Union will bail them out of trouble. They may try but the financial issues are so formidable that it will not work.


Doctrines of Demons

by Ron Graham

“Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,” 1 Timothy 4:1. Basically, doctrine is teaching or giving instruction, and in certain cases it wholly conforms to a teacher’s accumulated knowledge. Whether or not that knowledge is correct and biblical is for the student to ascertain. (Acts 17:11) Some, in the latter times, will depart from the faith. Why? Keep reading.

When it comes to our Bibles there are basically two doctrines available to all humanity: God’s doctrines or precepts, and man’s interpretations of God’s doctrines and precepts. Throughout history, man in many cases has made it clear that he believes he is wiser than God. Whenever this insanity occurs, he inevitably changes God’s doctrines to fit his own ideas. Then he goes a step further and he instructs others in the doctrine he has invented. Of course, man’s truth, when derived from demons, will always be contradictory of God’s truth.