Netanyahu Engages In Media Blitz

Joel Rosenberg 90x115 by Joel Rosenberg

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is engaging in a U.S. media blitz. In part, he is calling for direct peace talks with the Palestinians. In part, he is trying to remind Americans that there are fundamental areas of agreement between Israel and the Obama government, despite 14 months of tensions. But most noteworthy to me is that in his public statements, Netanyahu is focused almost exclusively on jumpstarting the peace process with the Palestinians, not on highlighting the growing danger from Iran.


Government Sponsored Tyranny, Hate, and Appeasement vs Love For One Another

Bill Wilson 90x115 by Bill Wilson

I just watched the film clip of New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense member Samir Shabazz intimidating voters on November 4th, 2008 at the Fairmount Avenue polling location in Philadelphia. I watched further clips of Shabazz harassing people on South Street in Philadelphia. He said, “I hate white people. All of them. Every last iota of a cracker…You want freedom? You going to have to kill some crackers. You going to have to kill some of their babies.” Shabazz’s website hosted by BlackPlanet shows many pictures of him holding pistols and weapons, some in an apartment looking out a window as if defiantly waiting for an enemy. Throughout the site are slogans preaching revolution and hate against white people.