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Prophecy Still Matters

Jim Fletcher 90x115by Jim Fletcher

Much is being made of the “predictably” (pun intended) failed Mayan doomsday…thing. What bothers me is that credible Bible prophecy teaching is also suffering as a result.

Weekly, people ask me to name the one, overwhelming piece of evidence that we are living in the last days: Earthquakes? Wars and rumors of wars? Sadly, extra-biblical issues like alleged UFO activity are rapidly becoming part of the mix. And this among evangelicals!

Instead, I continuously think about that chief reason we are indeed living in the last days.


Psalm 83: T-Plus 65 Years And Counting

Sean Osborne 90x115by Sean Osborne

Two weeks from now, 30 November 2012, will mark the 65th year since David Ben Gurion spoke these words to the crowds gathered below a balcony of the Sochnut building in Jerusalem on that warm Sunday afternoon:

"Ashreynu sheh zachinu la yom ha zeh." [Blessed are we who have been privileged to witness this day.]

For the past 65 years has the prophecy of Psalm 83 been in the midst of its fulfillment and blessed are we, the Bride of Christ, to be witness to these events foretold in that 3000-year old prayer sung by the prophet Asaph in the era of King David and King Solomon.

Yesterday, as I was prepping to post this blog item, came word that verses 9 and 10 of Psalm 83 had literally come to pass on a street in Gaza when the IDF in a joint operation with Shin Bet struck down the HAMAS military commander Ahmed al-Jaabari in the opening phase of Operation Amud Anan [Operation Cloud Pillar].  Psalm 83:9-10 reads (KJV):