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Mid-East Roman Empire–America’s future? Part 2

Terry James 90x115by Terry James

The questions continue about whether the revived Roman Empire predicted to produce the Antichrist will be from Rome or from the Eastern leg–which refers to the Middle East. In fact, there seems a more stringent insistence by the day that the beast of Revelation 13 will be a Muslim.

Developments taking place within the economic structures of Europe provide much of the fodder for the champions of the Mideast Antichrist theory. These proponents point to what they see as the unraveling of the European Union as indicative that it is losing, not gaining, power. One such development they point to is that Germany is reported to be printing money at a frenzied pace. It is printing deutsche mark notes, not euros. This is apparently because there is great fear that the eurozone sovereign debt crisis will end in a return to national currencies.

The following news item frames this feared collapse:

Buildup To Sudden Destruction

Terry James 90x115by Terry James

Rumors of war in the Middle East continue and grow by the day. We have heard of such Armageddon-like conflict that is coming for most of a decade. It’s almost like the little boy who cried “wolf,” but not quite.

Anyone with any sense of the potential for conflagration in that volatile region that could bring worldwide war knows that the breaking point has now about been reached. Iran’s nuclear weapon development project–or the fear that their nuclear program is for developing weapons of mass destruction—is, of course, the primary reason for the tensions involved.

Three observable factors are on the stepped-up agenda of potential war consideration:

  1. Israel is in a top-alert configuration, talking more or less openly about its most advanced defensive capabilities.
  2. Iran is expressing fear of imminent attack from Israel, and is hustling to protect its nuclear program.
  3. The Israeli prime minister and his military have a strong sense that they must depend only on their own resolve, not that of their one-time staunch, superpower ally to defend the Jewish state.