Author: Rocco

The Two End Time’s Judgments Upon Edom – Part One

by Bill Salus

The Bible predicts two powerful prophetic judgments upon Edom; the first on the people and the second on the land. Judgment one, executed by the Israeli Defense Forces, eliminates the Edomites. Judgment two takes place in ancient Edom and is delivered single-handedly by Jesus Christ against Antichrist and his armies. Part one of this two part article identifies both judgments but primarily focus upon the first. Part two will expound upon the timing and purposes of the second judgment.

Israel: Ally or enemy?

by Roger Hedgecock

All my life I’ve admired the determination of Jews worldwide to re-establish a Jewish homeland in Israel and defend it (repeatedly) against the implacable hatred of surrounding Muslim states. I’m not a Jew, but the survival of Israel and, even more, its success as an economy and a democracy has earned my respect and the respect of a vast majority of Americans.

All of my life until now, American administrations since the establishment of Israel in 1948, both Democrat and Republican, have reflected this American respect and admiration and stood by our ally, Israel. Americans have been willing to, in effect, guarantee the survival of Israel.

President Obama appears poised to reverse this position and abandon Israel. This course will lead to war – possibly nuclear war.

Every president since Nixon has sought to further a “peace process” in the Middle East. This has largely been a waste of time for all parties.