Standing For God is dedicated to serving my God and Lord of my life Jesus Christ. The creator of all things. To him goes all the glory, now and forever.

I don’t claim to be a Bible Scholar, all I can claim is that I am a slave to Jesus Christ and he is the Lord of my life. He is the center of everything within me. Everything that gets posted here will be guided by the Holy Spirit or it will not be posted.

If you do not know Jesus Christ or he is not the center of your life. I implore you to seek him out while there is still time. The point is, there is not that much time left before Jesus comes back and raptures the church. If your following Bible Prophecy at all, it seems just around the corner. The God and creator of the universe is knocking on your door today. Please don’t walk away without answering that call and getting on your knees and giving your Whole life to him.

You will not be sorry!

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  1. This is my new favorite place to go for news, prophecy and encouraging Bible articles. Thanks for putting it all together in one place for people like me who have trouble finding it all.

  2. What a nice blog! Thank you for sharing it with me. And I am glad to see you have linked what is my favorite website! 😉 You have a lot of good info here. I pray it will bless many and lead someone to Christ. Keep up the good work! And the coffee is on me here…but I don’t have a smiley for it….lol.

    God Bless you!

  3. This is an awesome site, very refreshing to see the light of God come through. This is my new favorite site, May God Bless all you do!

  4. Hello – I was brought up Catholic and have always believed in God, but am so confused with all the information and have my doubts about things in the church, the bible – conflicting information – its so confusing. How can one know the truth and know that one is not being mislead or lied to, or having the truth hidden from one. Things are not clear at all to me – I believe many people would try to be good and live their lives according to Gods will if only it were clear what we should do – what is right and wrong, what God truly wants of us. There is so much confusion, and conflicting knowledge that it is difficult to know what to believe – and this comes from someone who has always had a strong faith and a strong sense of the prescence of God. But when I read the bible, some things just seem so harsh and cruel – I would forgive my worst enemy at the hour of judgment, I would not want someone to go to hell because of my refusal to forgive them – I believe most people would forgive their enemies at the end – can we believe God would be less forgiving and less compassionate than us – it cannot be – so there are things in the bible that I cannot believe are what God himself said and wants of us. I realise some might say this is blasphemy – but if God gave me a brain I think he would want me to use it to discover the truth, and not simply accept as truth something that did not feel right, did not have the ring of truth – but how can we believe in the church if there are things in the bible that jar against common human compassion and empathy.

    I feel something is going to happen very soon – is happening now, I see the signs in the media, world events, climate changes etc and agree with what you say, but I feel lost – is it enough to simply believe in God – as you say, it is the devil who is the God of this world – people say there is a “Christ myth” that Christ is a repetition of previous pagan Gods etc, born of a virgin, born on 25th decemeber, killed and resurrected after 3 days. I have always believed in God – but sometimes I start to doubt other things in the bible and the gospels. I realise that the dark forces want to confuse us, fill our minds with distracting information/media fluff to stop us realising what is happening – but I cannot blindly accept what the church tells, and I suppose there are few people on this planet that have all the anwsers. Sometimes I wish God would send a wise teacher to clarify everything once again, so that all the people could know exactly what the truth of the situation is, crystal clear, and then I believe most people would change their ways and turn to God – its only because the people don’t really know what is wrong and what is right – they probably don’t think the things they are doing are really that bad, because they have been brought up to accept it as normal.

    Sorry to have written so much – its probably best not to post this on the message board, I just wrote what came to my mind, and perhaps you can give me some advice?

    What do you suggest?

    Maria ( Truth and love)

  5. Hello Maria,

    It is not surprising that you feel the way you do with the Church and the Catholic Church the way it is today. One thing you must do is make that first step of having Faith in God that he alone can forgive your sins and make you “good” in his sight. Not one of us is good and not one of us can be good enough for God’s standards. The Bible says “All have fallen short of the Glory of God” and it also says “None are good, not even one” This is the whole reason why Jesus came to earth as a man to die for our sins and pay that penalty for us, because we couldn’t. So no matter how many people try to live a good life, nobody can live a good enough life.

    God is also not a God of confusion, This is a trick from Satan to keep you away from the real truth that is in the Bible. He wants you to doubt the Bible because if he can accomplish that, he doesn’t need to do anymore. He doesn’t need to have you go with a false religion, he just needs to keep you far enough away from the true word of God.

    God is a perfect forgiving God, this is the time for forgiveness. Once a person dies, the time for forgiveness is over. God is also a perfect Just God. Because he is perfectly Just, he must sentence the guilty and not just for any one sin. Nobody goes to hell for any one certain sin. People go to hell for only one sin and that is blaspheming the Holy Spirit, which in another words is refusing to believe in God and rejecting him. The sins people commit will be the level of punishment that they receive in hell. Look at it this way. If someone had come into your house and murdered your whole family, daughter, son, father mother and then was caught. He went before the judge and the judge decided that because he is feeling lenient today, he would let this person go with no punishment at all. The first thing you would say is, that judge is not a just judge or he would have served out justice and punishment for this killer and you would be right. The only way you would find this judge a Just judge is if he declared him guilty and served him with some sort of punishment. The same goes for God, he could not be a perfect Just God if he allowed sin to go unpunished. One more point to remember is again, a person only goes to hell for the sin of rejecting Christ.

    Maria, I think human intelligence is actually the greatest tool that Satan uses to keep us away from God. Yes, God gave us intelligence but not to override his word that he gave us. Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive” which means if you truly are in your heart searching for the truth, then read his word and God will lead you to the truth.

    It’s not just you thinking something is going to happen, Bible prophecy tells us that the Rapture of the Church will happen soon, very soon. I am looking for it today but will continue on if it doesn’t. Maria, I know there are some people out there that say it is enough to just believe but I don’t subscribe to that theory. Jesus said to believe on him and repent of your sins. Because as James says in the Bible, “even the demons believe”. This is not to say that you can earn your salvation by being good or doing good works. Believing in Jesus that he died for your sins and rose again and paid the price so you could enter Heaven is the only way to God. Some people forget what is supposed to follow that belief and that is Repentance. So our salvation is by faith and grace alone but in order to show that you believe Jesus and his word is to follow him, by that it means live for him, daily.
    I try to explain this in detail in these two articles

    No, you shouldn’t blindly accept what the church says, you should by faith accept what the Bible says by reading it yourself. We did have the greatest and wisest teacher come to earth and let us know the truth, his name was Jesus and still people do not believe. The Bible says “All men are without excuse” meaning, deep down in your heart, you cannot say I did not have a chance to accept Jesus into my heart. When all men stand before God, they will be either proven innocent by Jesus sacrifice on the cross or they will be proven guilty for not believing it. Everybody has a free will to choose.

    I suggest you get yourself a good “New King James Version” Bible and start reading the book from the Apostle John on through the New testament and if your are truly serious about finding the truth. God is faithful and he will lead you into the truth. You can also in the mean time check out these next few links

    And check out some of the videos I posted Video section under Salvation and Repentance

    My Friend Justin has a great post on salvation that you can read http://airo-cross.blogspot.com/p/only-gospel-that-saves_27.html

    I will be praying for you Maria and God will lead you to the truth. I hope you accept that truth and turn your life over to him because it will cost you Everything http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JQOBMi4QS8

  6. i am very pleased to find your site , first and foremost i had been studying eschatology,weighing views from different scholars,theologians and the prophesors of the day.
    i do not regards myself as one of the scholars because i have never attended any bible school, nor any theological studies.i also have a book that is yet to be published with the little RAPTURE THE END AND JUDGMENT.and also the administrator :-)) of faithful and true witness center.
    so congratulation and may the almighty God bless you and continue to work for Jesus Christ,ooooh! and please don’t call yourself a slave to Jesus, “for from today i call you no servant anymore , but friends,”……said Jesus to his disciples in john 14. you are a friend of Jesus Christ my friend and you work together with the rest of Jesus friend to bring mankind to the knowledge of the true God.
    thank you

  7. Hey Joseph,

    Welcome to the site, eschatology can be confusing at times and there are many knowledgeable Prophecy experts out there who do a great job at helping us understand things. The ultimate teacher is God. He will guide you into all his truths. You don’t need a degree to know the Bible or to be close to God. The apostles were no theologians, they were ordinary men like you and me. Yet God used them to turn the world upside down.

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you comment more

    Brother in Christ

    Rocco T

  8. Hi Rocco,
    I have enjoyed this site and continue to learn much from the articles you post. Thank you for sharing the Way, the Truth, and the Life: Christ Jesus.

    I also want to tell you I like the “new” look here. It is clean, concise, and easy to read. Thank you again.

    God bless,

  9. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for the kind words but all the Glory goes to God. Through him comes the strength and the guidance to live our lives so that we can glorify him in everything we do.

    The new look was brought about for just those reasons. To make it easier to read and load the page in a way that everybody can read it. A wise man told me once that It’s not about what it looks like, it’s about the content and you want people to come to the site to read the material not because the site looks nice.”

    God Bless

    Brother in Christ

    Rocco T

  10. Rocco, I LOVE your blog! I read it every day and am always so blessed by it. I hope you don’t mind, but we added it onto our links page at Poems By CC. God bless you!

  11. Hi Joni,

    Praise the Lord that he is able to use this site to bless people. Thank you for adding the link. We need to spread the word of God while there is still time left.

    Thanks again

    God Bless

    Brother in Christ

    Rocco T

  12. Shalom,
    Pastor, Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ . I pray that this humble,friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.
    God,s minister, God has invested enough message of salvation in you to get out of your country to go all over the world to preach the gospel and win more souls to Christ.
    God has called you out of many, chosen you ,anointed you and approved you for his great Job.
    Pastor, God has a purpose with you life.He has created you to accomplish the great things for him.
    Pastor, this specific task which God has for you and no body else! whether is to plant new churches, to start a bible school or a soup kitchen of the poor,is God,s vision for you.
    Pastor,God Has called you and He placed you in a specific congregation or ministry,because He has a specific task that you support to fulfill here.
    Pastor , God has a task and a purpose for you.He will be with you and He will accomplish the task through His power.He will equip you and give you the power to do it.
    Pastor, He is faithful.if He calls you to a task that is greater than your own abilities,He will also give you the people to support the good work you are doing for Him.
    Pastor, God has a plan with your life.yes! even before you were born,He planned you in the finest detail, humble yourself before the Lord He will lift you up[James 4;-10]
    Pastor, you are God,s special workmanship.psalm 139,says that God knew you before you were formed in your mother,s womb!
    pastor, your greatest blessings began when God said,He created you in his image in Genesis 1;26, everything you put your hands to, is going to prosper.
    Pastor, you are so precious to the Lord,silver and gold wasn,t enough.God wanted to purchase you with something more valuable than any precious mental or mineral.so He used the blood of Jesus Christ.
    Surely, in everything we do,we believe in positive changing and affecting the lives of people who we are constantly working towards inspiring change.
    Pastor, working together is to fruitful growth and maturity in the Lord among us.
    My good friend, we are thanking God that we are connected to an anointing servant ,ministry ,who are committed in spreading the GOOD NEWS of spreading a salvation message and win more souls and many to LOVE Jesus Christ .
    We are requesting you to pray for us, send us teachings and we are pray that one day God will open a way you to bring His message to us-here in Africa.
    May the Lord be with you, please, work with us,so that we can win more to God.
    ,We are in one purpose -of winning more souls together[Kenya we are requesting you to teach us and train us.]Greet All.
    Thank you,
    Pastor Stephen and Flora

  13. Hi Judith,
    Thank you so much for sharing it. Planting seeds for people to see is just one way we can serve the Lord.
    Thanks again

  14. Your quotes link for J.C. Ryle is a bad link. Can you look into fixing it? I would love to read his quotes.

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