Day: July 12, 2020

Excuses Can’t Be Forgiven

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

People often approach pastors with their problems, sharing their sins and how guilty they feel. And many ministers are tempted to say, “Oh, don’t feel so bad.” “God will understand.” “You couldn’t help yourself.” “You’ve been through so much.” That’s often the worst thing we can do. For Messiah died for real guilt – not because it was understandable, but because it wasn’t understandable. Not because we couldn’t help it, but because we could help it and chose to do it anyway. If we deny this, then we’re denying the cross and the price He paid. Guilt is real and sin is horrible.

We have to come to the point where we stop making excuses for sin and own up to it. Confess your sin. Let God do the redeeming. Sometimes the best thing in the world is to feel so terrible about sin that the only option you have left is to receive God’s grace and to really change. Give up your excuses. Trade them for something better – the blood, the grace, the repentance, the mercy and the power for new life.

Today’s Mission – Come clean with God today about your sins. Make an agreement that you will stop defending, stop making excuses or covering up your sins. Repent and receive His grace.

by Jonathan Cahn