Your Calling Is Your Vocation

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

When I told people at my high school reunion what I was doing, not one of them said, “I always knew you’d end up in ministry.” When I took the test in high school to tell me what my vocation should be – it never said ‘ministry’ – but it should have.

The word vocation comes from the word voc or vocal, as in voice. It comes from a biblical truth. Your vocation is your calling. You’re not supposed to just do ‘something’ in life, you’re supposed to fulfill your calling. You have a calling on your life. It doesn’t come from you. It comes from God. He’s calling you and you have to follow it. It’s okay if your life doesn’t match up with it yet. Your calling is higher than you and often something you wouldn’t expect. You just have to respond, follow the voice of God, and you’ll become that person. You’ll fulfill your true heavenly calling when you follow the Voice, the Word, and the Spirit of God. Follow the voice of His leading and keep following it, today and every day. For your heavenly vocation was given to you by nothing less than the Voice of God.

Today’s Mission – Today, make it your aim to look for, hear, and follow the voice of God’s leading in your life.

by Jonathan Cahn