Messiah And His Duplicates

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

When I give a message or teaching, I record it. The original recording is called the master. The master is put into a duplicating machine filled with blanks which become duplicates of the master. The blanks are imprinted with the information from the master and become copies of the master.

Messiah is called the Master. If you call Him your Master, it means you have to become His duplicate. I Peter 2:21 says Messiah left us an example to follow. The Greek word for example is huppogrammos which means the writing that was placed under the paper for the scribes to trace. It was the ancient version of masters and duplicates. So if you call Him Master, become His duplicate. Get plugged into Him, receive the imprint of His love, His wisdom, His righteousness, His purity, His heart, and His power. Follow His example by walking in His Spirit. Let Him live His life through you, and you will become like Him, an accurate duplicate. Your life will be His life and His life, your life. For if you call Him Master, you must become His duplicate.

Today’s Mission

Today, before acting or reacting, think of what the Lord would do or say and then do likewise.

by Jonathan Cahn