Living In The Spirit Covenant

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

It is in Jeremiah 31 where God promises Israel a New Covenant or Brit Hadashah in Hebrew. Verse 33 says, “I will put My Law within them, and on their heart, I will write it.” The Old Covenant had 613 commandments for every part of life – eating, clothing, hygiene, worship, fellowship, legal affairs – everything. Thus the New Covenant of the Spirit is also for every part of your life. It says He will write it on our hearts, but that means all the commandments of the Spirit. If it happened with tablets of stone, so much more for the Spirit. In the New Covenant, God commands by the moving of His Spirit. You are in the Spirit, and there’s a Spirit way to raise your children, to speak, to play, to do your job, to dress, to walk, to wash, to go shopping – in the Spirit. It means that every part of your life is to be a worship service. He put His Spirit within you so that at all times, you can walk in the Spirit and fulfill the Law of the Spirit.

Today’s Mission

Today, ask the Lord to move you and lead you by His Spirit, and follow His moving.

by Jonathan Cahn