Make room

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Thine handmaid hath riot anything in the house, save a pot of oil —2 Kings 4:2

Elisha asked the widow, “What hast thou in the house?” And she said, “Nothing but a pot of oil.” But that pot of oil was adequate all her needs, had she only known how to use it. In truth it represented the Holy Spirit, and the great lesson of the incident is that the Holy Spirit is adequate for all our needs, if we only know how to use Him.

All the widow needed was to get sufficient vessels to hold the overflow, and then pour out until all were filled. Even so the Holy Spirit is limited only by our capacity to receive Him, and when God wants us to have a larger fullness, he has to make room for it by creating greater needs.

God sends us new vessels to be filled with His Holy Spirit in the needs that come to us and the trials that meet us. These are God’s opportunities to give us more of Himself. As we meet them He comes to us in larger fullness for each new necessity.

Lord, help me to see Thee in all my trying situations and to make them vessels to hold more of Thy grace.

by A.B. Simpson