Day: June 23, 2019

The Blesser Is Greater

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

In Hebrews 7 we’re told of the priest-king, Melchizedek blessing Abraham – and then of a principle, which is this: “Without a doubt, the lesser person is blessed by, the greater.

In other words, the one who blesses is greater than the one who is blessed. Interesting, because most people, believers included, spend their lives trying to be blessed. Most people want others to bless them, to thank them, to praise them, recognize them, help them, and serve them. But the Bible says that the one who blesses is greater. So do you want to be great? Then bless. Do you want to be rich? Then be truly rich by giving! Do you want to be powerful? The most powerful one, is the one who can bless no matter what. Do you want to triumph over rejection? Then bless those who rejected you. Do you want to triumph over your enemies? Then bless them. Do you want to be the most joyous person? Then bless. For it’s the one who is truly blessed and who has joy that can bless. So live a life of greatness. How? Simple… Bless!

Today’s Mission – Today, be greater: bless those who have rejected or hurt you.

by Jonathan Cahn