Day: February 14, 2019

Choosing Faith

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

David went through tough times in his life, and often during those times, he wrote down his prayers to God. David didn’t write, “I have faith.” What he did write is, “I will trust”. Faith for him was not about what he had or what he didn’t have, it was a decision. When it’s hardest to believe, and yet you choose to trust, you have great faith. If you want to have great faith, then you need to say, “I will trust the Lord.” Faith is not just a feeling or something you have in a storehouse, it’s a verb, and action, a decision. It’s something you do right now. Be like David. He never said he was a man of great faith, but instead, “I will trust in the Lord.” By that, he slew giants, overcame thousands, brought down kingdoms, and inherited the blessings of God. Choose to trust in the Lord and you too will slay giants and do great and mighty things. For the one who chooses to greatly trust is the one who has great faith.

Today’s Mission – Today, choose to put your trust in God in all things.

by Jonathan Cahn