Shimon The Young

Jonathan Cahn 90x115by Jonathan Cahn
Luke tells of a man named Simeon, or Shimon in Hebrew. He was a remarkable man. Simeon was old. Most older people are looking for peace and quiet. Generally, we do our seeking when we’re younger, then we just try to hold on to what we have when we’re older. But Shimon was still seeking, still looking for what the prophets spoke of, the consolation of Israel. It is one thing to seek when you’re young, but one who seeks even to the end of his life never grows old; that was Shimon’s secret. Thus God rewarded him and before he left this life, his eyes beheld what others missed: the Messiah as a baby in the Temple. Messiah said, “Seek, and you shall find.” But the original reads a little differently. It says, “Keep seeking, and you shall find.” Keep seeking. Do you want to stay young in the Lord? Be like Shimon. Keep seeking God’s face, keep seeking His presence, keep seeking His love, and keep seeking His wonders and His glory. Keep seeking, and you’ll find. Keep seeking, and you’ll never grow old.

Today’s Mission – Today, keep seeking God’s face, His presence, His love, His wonders, and His glory.

by Jonathan Cahn