Day: November 4, 2018

Stopping the devil at your heart’s door

David Wilkersonby David Wilkerson

One of the great tragedies of the Church in this generation, and one of God’s greatest griefs, is that so many Christians are not truly happy. They put on a good front — singing, clapping, smiling and praising. But lurking just beneath the surface is loneliness and deep misery.

These Christians are hot, then suddenly cold. They cannot cope with fear, and depression runs over them like a steamroller. One week they are high, the next week low. Many times their marriages follow that pattern as well. One day all is well between a husband and wife, and the next day they are miserable. Some days they cannot even talk to one another. They explain, “Well, that’s just the way marriage is supposed to be. You can’t expect to stay happy and loving all the time.”

Believers caught in this up-and-down cycle should heed the words of Paul to Timothy. He encouraged the young man to help others come to their senses and “escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will” (2 Timothy 2:26), or, as the King James Version puts it, taken captive by him at his will. This describes many believers perfectly: Because they give him access, Satan moves in and out of their lives at his own will. They exercise no authority to stop the devil at their heart’s door and he flaunts his hold of them. “You have no power of Christ in you to stop me,” Satan says. “You are my captive and will do as I wish.”

This lack of victory in Christ is appalling! Jesus did not die so that you continue to live under the power of Satan after you have given your heart to him. Be careful not get caught in this trap. Instead, set your heart on firmly walking with God and claiming his promises. Determine to seek him with all your might and he will fill your heart with true, lasting joy.

by David Wilkerson