Your Walk Needs Air Holes

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

As a child, I would catch insects, put them in jars, and punch air holes in the lids so they would stay alive. What does that have to do with you? If you plan on having a living relationship with God, make sure you have air holes.

If you’re born again, God’s Spirit lives inside of you. He’s the life, you’re the jar. The biggest mistake many believers make is thinking they can contain God in the form of dogma, ritual, or a service they repeat over and over again. Others believe they can put their relationship with God on hold; put it in a jar and it’ll be preserved. Still, others think they can serve God without daily communication, or receiving from Him. Spirit in Hebrew means Breath or Wind. Thus, you can’t put God in a box without an opening for His Wind to blow through. Punch a hole in your heart for prayer and quiet time, and for receiving the Breath of God. For there to be life and breath, there have to be air holes. Punch a hole in that religion, and let the Wind of God blow in.

Today’s Mission – Today, spend quality time with the Lord and let Him breathe on you.

by Jonathan Cahn