Day: August 24, 2018

Commemorating Your Midbar

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Midbar is the Hebrew word for wilderness. We usually think of the wilderness as a single place, but it’s really not. There are many Hebrew names for various wildernesses. For instance, there’s Midbar Yehuda; the Wilderness of Judea where John preached. Then there’s Midbar Negev; the Wilderness of the Negev where Abraham pitched his tent. And there’s Midbar Sinai; the Wilderness of Sinai through which Moses and the Israelites journeyed. Then there are a host of other smaller wildernesses: Midbar Zin, Midbar Paran, and so on.

Each wilderness had a different name. The Hebrews didn’t just go through wildernesses. They named each of them. It means they wanted to remember them. They saw them as something meaningful in some way. So, we all go through wildernesses. Rarely do we value them or seek to remember them. But you should remember them. For God uses them to grow you and make you more like Him. So rejoice in your wilderness because in the Lord it will only be used for good as you look to Him. For the Hebrews gave names to their midbars.

Today’s Mission – Today, give thanks to God for your wilderness, even give a beautiful name to a wilderness in your life that ended up bringing you to God’s blessings.

by Jonathan Cahn