Day: July 7, 2018

Don’t Lose Your Head!

Jonathan Cahn 90x115by Jonathan Cahn

As a child, before I knew the Lord, I participated in Halloween. The most inexpensive costume was the headless man. We would lift our jackets over our heads, ring the doorbell and stand there with our bags out, trusting they would be filled since we couldn’t see anything. A man walking around without his head is the stuff of horror movies.

However, a lot of believers are basically running around without their heads. They run after the latest trend, movement, teaching, emotion, sign, wonder, problem, or circumstance. They’re following everything but the Lord. They think it’s the Spirit, but they’re really following feelings and circumstances. One day they think God’s telling them to get married, and the next day to be single. It’s the amazing headless Christian. We must be open to the moving of God’s Spirit but we must also make sure we are grounded in His Word. God gave you a head, use it! In order to love the Lord with all your mind, you must keep your head. For headless Christians are just plain scary.

Today’s Mission – Today, take a Word of God and root and ground yourself in it. Stand by it the entire day.

by Jonathan Cahn