Day: May 27, 2018

Your life is your prayer

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

The disciple whom Jesus loved . . . leaned on his breast —John 21:20

An American gentleman once visited the saintly Albert Bengel. He was very desirous to hear him pray. So one night he lingered at his door, hoping to overhear his closing devotions. The rooms were adjoining and the doors ajar. The good man finished his studies, closed his books, knelt down for a moment and simply said, “Dear Lord Jesus, things are still the same between us” and then quietly fell asleep. So close was his communion with his Lord that labor did not interrupt it and prayer was not necessary to renew it. It was a ceaseless, almost unconscious presence, like the fragrance of the summer garden or the company of some special person by our side whose presence we somehow feel, even though the busy hours pass by and not a word is exchanged.

by A.B. Simpson