Day: May 13, 2018

The Ministry Of Goliath

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Goliath was a massive problem, a terror to God’s people. Yet ultimately, he existed for good. It was through Goliath that Israel and David saw the power of God. Through Goliath came David’s greatest hour. Through Goliath, David would ultimately become king. In the Book of Acts, the apostles faced Goliath problems. Yet through all their adversity, they ended up spreading the Word to the world and becoming pure, strong, victorious, and miraculous. It was through Goliath and Goliath-sized problems that the people of God became who they were born to be. And it is through Goliath problems that you become the victorious person you were meant to become.

Do you have a Goliath problem? Then you have a Goliath blessing waiting as well. So don’t run from your Goliath. Don’t complain about it. Do what David did. Rise with the challenge. Rise in courage, faith, and God’s power, and your Goliath problem will become your Goliath blessing.

Today’s Mission – Today, set your heart on facing your Goliath, and by the power of the Most High, slaying it.

by Jonathan Cahn