Day: May 11, 2018

Keep yourselves from idols!

Grace Gems Whiteby Grace Gems

“Every Day!” Author unknown, 1872

“You shall have no other gods before Me!” Exodus 20:3

Though there is no danger of our bowing down to graven images–to gods that have eyes and see not, ears and hear not–none are exempt from the danger of being idolaters in spirit. There are gods many and lords many, in lands of Bibles and gospel privileges–as truly as in heathen countries!

Wealth, honor, sports and pleasure–are the idols of multitudes. Gold is as truly worshiped–as Baal once was! Self is as really the idol of many now–as Diana of the Ephesians was anciently.

Then, too, there are “household gods”–idols in family life. Affection in the various relationships we sustain, which is proper and lovely in a right degree–too often becomes idolatrous.

Christians have need to be warned against idolatry, as well as others. The exhortation,  “Little children, keep yourselves from idols!” was addressed to believers.

Remember, my soul, that whatever may lead your highest affection and supreme devotion away from God your Savior–would be to you an idol!

Help me, O Lord, to watch and pray against the sin of idolatry in all its forms. Show me more of Your glory and Your grace–and ever hold the highest place in my heart!

“The dearest idol I have known,
Whatever that idol be,
Help me to tear it from Your throne,
And worship only Thee!”

by Grace Gems