Baptist And Messiah

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Yochanan the Immerser, or as most know him, John the Baptist, was called the greatest of those born of women by Messiah. He was a priest, a prophet, Gods messenger to his generation- and yet without the Messiah, it made no sense. Yochanans life and ministry only found its fulfillment when Messiah came.

Now if John, with all his holiness, spirituality, gifts, calling, and power in ministry was still not complete without Messiah, how much more your life? No matter what you’ve acquired in your life, you’ll still be empty without Messiah in its center. Maybe you’ve been trying to fill your life with possessions, a relationship, recognition, achievement, some cause or pursuit. Maybe you think that you can fill your life with the pursuit of ministry and spirituality. Well, these things are good, but they can’t fill your life. No matter what else you have, its an unchangeable fact- it’ll be empty if the Lords not in the center. So why waste any more time? Come back to your first love. Make God the Lord of your heart and your life will really be something great.

TODAY’S MISSION – Today, make it your aim to make Messiah your aim, Make Him the object of everything you do.

by Jonathan Cahn