Einstein’s Equation

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Albert Einstein’s most famous equation was E=mc2. It means if you were able to transform matter into energy, the resulting energy would be enormous. In other words, if you transformed a one gram candle into pure energy, that energy hidden in that candle would be equal to 20,000 tons of dynamite. As a candle it can barely light up a room, but transformed into energy it could power an entire city of 40,000 people for 24 hours. As long as the candle remains a candle, all that energy is wasted.

Same with your life. If you try to hold on to it, it’s just a lot of matter. If you let go of self, die to the flesh, and live to the Spirit, your life will become a miracle of light to change the world. All the matter in your life, the possessions, money, and selfish ambition–– if you’ll give them over to the Lord and to His purpose, all that matter, all those things will be transformed. The power of His Spirit will be unleashed in your life, and your life will become light.

Today’s Mission – Today, seek to die to self, to let go, to say goodbye to the old and let the energy of God, the power of His Spirit, be released!

by Jonathan Cahn