Day: January 6, 2018

The On-Time Lateness Of God

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

I’ve often had a problem being late. To compensate, I would set my clocks ahead. But then I would compensate by doing math calculations to arrive at the actual real time. God has the same problem. He said, “I’m coming soon”, but he said that 2000 years ago. You might argue that for God, a day is like a thousand years. That’s true, but still, two-thousand years doesn’t exactly fit our definition of soon. To our earthly eyes, God seems to be late. But if God’s weakness is stronger than our strength, then His lateness is more on time than our best timeliness. So I’ve got good news. Being late can be divine. Well, maybe not in most cases, but at least in this sense.

God isn’t in a rush, driven, or desperate. He moves in shalom. You need to develop the same attribute. God doesn’t rush through life. He is life. You can’t live life as you were meant to live it if you ’re too busy rushing around. Stop rushing and start learning to live in God’s presence. Learn to be divinely late, and you’ll find yourself living right on time.

Today’s Mission – Stop rushing today and start learning to live in God’s presence.

by Jonathan Cahn