Day: December 19, 2017

Your Audience With The Most High

Jonathan Cahn 90x115by Jonathan Cahn

Emily Post, known in her time as the authority on social behavior and proper etiquette, was once asked the correct procedure when one is invited to the White House and has a previous engagement. She answered, “An invitation to dine at the White House is a command that automatically cancels any other engagement.” In other words, whatever else you’re doing, no matter how much planning went into it or how your heart is set on it, cancel and go to the White House. If that’s proper etiquette for a call from the President, what’s the proper etiquette for a call from God? How much more should you treasure your meeting with God every day? How much more should you cancel and put aside all your activities to have an audience with Him? How great an honor it is to meet God in prayer and communion? Greater than an audience with any President or King. He’s sending you an invitation. Cancel all your other plans, answer the call, and go to the throne room. It’s better than the White House.

Today’s Mission – Today, put aside all your activities. You have something much greater to do– You have an audience with your King!

by Jonatha Cahn