Day: November 6, 2017

Ending The Vacuum

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

How do you remove air from a cup? The simple way is to fill it with water. You could get a vacuum machine and try to suck all the air out, but you could end up destroying the cup. How do you get sin out of your life? We try to stop doing it— and that’s good- but it’s not enough. It’s a vacuum- something else will come in. You try to stop thinking angry or bitter thoughts or try not to worry, and then it comes back again. The key is that the focus isn’t the sin. It’s like trying to remove air from a cup with a vacuum and crushing the whole thing.

How did God remove sin from this world? He did it by coming in, by putting in His presence. How do you take away sin from your life? By filling it up with the presence of God. Like a cup, fill your life up with His peace, joy, blessings, and Spirit. Get God into everything and sin will get out of everything. It’s as simple as pouring water into a cup.

Today’s Mission – Allow God’s Spirit to fill your life with His presence today and wash away all that is not of Him.

by Jonathan Cahn