Day: October 13, 2017

Crushed Grapes

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

A young man who’d been accepted to the African missionary field found out that he was unable to serve because his wife physically couldn’t handle the extreme heat. Heartbroken, he resolved himself to make all the money he could to help spread the Gospel to the world. His father, a dentist, had a company on the side for making unfermented wine for communion services. The young man took over and began developing the company. His name was Welch. Every time you see a bottle of Welch’s grape juice, you’re seeing the name of the young man whose crushed dreams resulted in funding missions through grape juice. Grapes, like dreams and desires, can become something sacred when crushed if you give them to God and resolve to glorify Him no matter what.

Do you have broken dreams, crushed hopes, or a broken heart? Give it to the Lord. Resolve to keep going strong and to glorify Him no matter what. Your crushed dreams, like grapes, will become the sacred juice of the Lord’s communion.

Today’s Mission – What brokenness have you known, or still know, in your life? Give it to God and thank Him for His redemption of it.

by Jonathan Cahn