Day: September 28, 2017

The Light Of The Virgins

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Messiah’s parable of the ten virgins was based on the ancient Hebrew wedding. The maidens would wait with the bride, not knowing exactly when the groom would come. They had to keep their lamps oiled because it often happened at night. This parable is linked to the end-times, and we’re near the coming of Messiah. Five virgins didn’t keep themselves ready, and at the time of His coming had lost their light.

We have to be like the faithful virgins. In the end-times, it’s especially crucial for believers to keep that light of faith strong because for many it goes out. It’s easy to let your love of God get snuffed out by the world, relationships, distractions, money, materialism, or selfish ambition. Even busyness in ministry can snuff out the light simply by not refilling it. You’re an end-time believer, and you have to be wise. Stop getting distracted. Refill your oil in prayer, in the Word, in doing His true will, in rejoicing in Him, and just being in His presence. Refill your lamp every day, and your light will shine bright through the end-times.

Today’s Mission – Refill your lamp today in prayer, in the word, and by rejoicing in His presence.

by Jonathan Cahn