Day: September 18, 2017

One Believer Under God

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals declared the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ unconstitutional because of the words ‘under God’. God is being removed from American mainstream culture. But it’s not just about the word ‘God’, it’s about the word ‘under’. Without God, there is no under; the state becomes the final authority, man becomes the measure of all things, there’s nothing above him, and everybody becomes a god. What separates a true believer from false believers and non-believers is that they live under. They don’t just know about and praise God, they live under God by actually submitting their lives to Him. Are you truly living under God? When God’s will, plan, and desire isn’t yours, do you put your will, plan, and desire under God?

The desire to remove the words ‘under God’ isn’t good, but the real point isn’t the words ‘under God’. It’s whether God’s people are living under God. If you want ‘under God’ to be in the pledge of allegiance, put ‘under God’ in your own pledge of allegiance to God. Live your life as a true believer, one believer under God.

Today’s Mission – Today, truly submit your will to God and allow Him to direct your plans. Live truly as one believer under God!

by Jonathan Cahn