Day: August 26, 2017

The Mirrors Of God

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

I knew two great saints of God, Sabina and Richard Wurmbrand, leaders of the underground church in Romania. In Sabina’s last days, she was in great pain. Feeling overwhelmed, she asked the Lord, “How long?” He reminded her of how, as a young woman, she’d taken some jewelry to be worked on. The jeweler put her jewelry over a flame.Panicking, she’d cried, “You’re going to destroy it!” He turned up the fire and said, “Trust me, I know what I’m doing. I have to keep it on the fire until I can see my reflection on the metal. Then it’s finished.” She heard the Lord say, “Don’t panic, trust Me. I Am the Master Jeweler. You must go through the fire for a moment and when I can see My face reflected in you, it will be finished.” Soon after that, she peacefully went home to be with the Lord. When you go through trials, don’t fear. God’s purpose isn’t to hurt you, but to change you into the image of Messiah. God wants to see His reflection in you because you’re His jewel and He’s your Master Jeweler.

Today’s Mission – Are you going through a trial today? Allow God to purify you so that He can see His reflection in you.

by Jonathan Cahn