The Active Kind Of Holy

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

The Pharisees had a problem with Messiah going to the house of Matthew. The word Pharisee comes from the Hebrew word kedoshim, which means separated ones. Their holiness was about staying separate from the unholy. There are two kinds of holiness. One that stays away from the unholy, and the other kind that cleanses the unclean and makes it clean. Messiah’s holiness touches the unholy and makes it holy. He came to earth to touch the sick- the lepers, the untouchables- and heal them. Many religious people are scared of touching the unholy because they’re afraid they will become unholy as well. Messiah’s holiness is so great that It’s not content to leave evil alone, or let the dark stay, but to shine the light in the dark and make the darkness light. It’s so holy that It makes everything around become holy. That’s what It’s about. So have nothing to do with sin, keeping your heart free of the slightest trace of sin, but have everything to do with the unholy people, the lost and unsaved, because the truly holy do not fear the dark- they light it up.

Today’s Mission – Don’t fear the dark today. Instead, illuminate it, touch it, overwhelm it, share the Gospel with it, and transform it with the presence of God.

by Jonathan Cahn