The Paralytic’s Greater Miracle

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Messiah tells a crippled man his sins are forgiven and the religious leaders are outraged because only God can pardon sins. So Messiah says, “So that you know the Son of Man has the power to forgive sins… Arise and walk’, and the man walks. Amazing! Messiah asked which is harder, and the miracle was to prove a point. The point isn’t the healing, it’s the forgiveness of sin. The miracle is just thrown in as an extra added throw-away bonus. The Hebrew word for ‘something too hard’ is pele meaning wonderful or miracle. Messiah is called “Pele,” in Isaiah 9:5.

He does things that are just too amazing. If you want to see miracles, the power of God, remember something: You already have the greater miracle- greater than crossing the Red Sea, or fire coming down on Mt. Carmel. You have the miracle of the forgiveness of your sins, the cleansing of your past, the erasing of your old life, the eradication of judgment in hell. So rejoice and be blessed today! Start your day every day giving thanks that you’re saved. That’s a miracle! It’s the greatest of all.

Today’s Mission – Throughout your day, dwell in the miracle of His love and mercy. Give thanks that you’re forgiven- and saved- starting now.

by Jonathan Cahn