Day: July 12, 2017

The Seven Eyes Of God

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Some people picture cherubim as child-like creatures, but that’s not how the Bible them. Revelation 4:7-8 talks about cherubim as heavenly creatures full of eyes all around. Zechariah 3:9 speaks of seven eyes on a stone that represents the eyes of the Lord. Revelation 5:6 says, “I saw… a Lamb… having seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God”.

Seven is the number of perfection or completion. Eyes are about seeing and sight. It’s saying there’s nothing hidden from God- no pretense or mask. He sees everything. Most of the time, we live as if that weren’t true. We still hide things and do things that we would never do in front of others, but we do it in front of God. Remember, no matter what you do, you have an audience. If you lie, gossip, or sin in secret, you’re being watched. Live your life transparent, pure in the light, with nothing to hide. If even the angelic creatures have eyes all around, how much more does God see? Live in a manner worthy of being seen by the eyes of God.

Today’s Mission – Live this day as if at every moment and in every place, God’s eyes were upon you- because they are!

by Jonathan Cahn