Day: May 15, 2017

Out From The Funeral Procession

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

In funeral processions, people follow the body to the grave. Today we drive cars instead of walking. Once I was driving onto a main road in a van looking in my rear view mirror and I wondered why everyone had their lights on. I was in the middle of a funeral procession by accident. I was right behind the hearse in a large van blocking off the rest of the procession. My friend started panicking, so I turned on my lights out of respect and we drove as part of the procession. You might be in a funeral procession without realizing it. Scripture says the way of the flesh is death. If you’re living by the flesh, selfishness, worldliness, your appetites, your eyes, you’re in a funeral procession and you’re heading for death. But God has called you to walk a walk of life. So get out of that path, break away from that sin, that habit, that negativity or those people if you have to, and get on with life. God’s called you to walk in the way of life and not in a funeral procession.

Today’s Mission – Get out of any procession, or path, or way that doesn’t lead to life – and follow life.

by Jonathan Cahn