Letting Go Of The Donkey

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Imagine: You’re sitting in your house and you hear your car start. Looking outside, you see a bunch of men. They shout to you, “The Lord needs your car!” A similar thing happened two thousand years ago, but with a donkey, not a car. What if you were the owner of the donkey? It’s not just a possession; it’s your very livelihood. What would you do? The owner of the donkey just let it go, because it was for the Lord.

You have a donkey in your life, something you consider very important, something you don’t want to let go of, give up or change- but a still small voice in your heart is saying, “Let it go, the Lord needs to take it away, and you need to let it go.” What is your donkey? It’s that thing in your life you have to let go of and give to the Lord. God blessed the donkey’s owner and that donkey was the one the Messiah rode into Jerusalem. Let go, and your life will be blessed in ways you can’t imagine. It all begins when you let the ‘donkey’ go.

Today’s Mission – Identify your donkey, that thing in your life you need to let go of, and give it joyfully to the service of the Lord.

by Jonathan Cahn