Day: March 12, 2017

He Cannot Love You More

Charles Spurgeonby Charles Spurgeon

“Having loved His own who were in the world–He loved them to the very end!” John 13:1

Christian, God’s love to you is always the same. He cannot love you more–and He will not love you less!

Never, when afflictions multiply, when terrors frighten you or when your distresses abound–does God’s love falter or flag. Let the rod fall ever so heavily upon you–the hand that moves, like the heart that prompts the stroke, is full of love! Judge not the Lord by feeble sense–but trust Him for His grace. Whether He brings you down into the depths of misery, or lifts you up into the seventh Heaven of delight–His faithful love never varies or fluctuates–it is everlasting in its continuity!

“His faithful love endures forever!” Psalm 136:1

“I have loved you, My people, with an everlasting love!” Jeremiah 31:3

“The faithful love of the Lord never ends!” Lamentations 3:22

by Charles Spurgeon