Month: October 2016

In The Hardest Places

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

Behold, I will bring evil upon all flesh, saith the Lord: but thy life will I give unto thee for a prey in all places whither thou goest—Jeremiah 45:5

The Lord’s promise to Jeremiah was given for hard places. A promise of safety and life in the midst of tremendous pressure-a life for a prey.

We may well apply it to our own times, which are growing harder as we near the end of the age and the coming tribulation.

What is the meaning of a life for a prey? It means a life snatched from the jaws of the destroyer, as David snatched the lamb from the lion. It does not mean a place of security or of removal from the noise of battle and the presence of our foes. Rather, it means a table in the midst of our enemies, a shelter from the storm, a fortress amid the foe. it is a life preserved in the face of continual pressure. it is Paul’s healing when pressed out of measure so that he despaired even of life. It is Paul’s divine help when, though the thorn remained, the power of Christ rested upon him and the grace of Christ was sufficient.

Lord give me my life for a prey, and in the hardest places help me today to be victorious.

by A.B. Simpson

The Habit of Having No Habits

Oswald Chambersby Oswald Chambers

If these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful… —2 Peter 1:8

When we first begin to form a habit, we are fully aware of it. There are times when we are aware of becoming virtuous and godly, but this awareness should only be a stage we quickly pass through as we grow spiritually. If we stop at this stage, we will develop a sense of spiritual pride. The right thing to do with godly habits is to immerse them in the life of the Lord until they become such a spontaneous expression of our lives that we are no longer aware of them. Our spiritual life continually causes us to focus our attention inwardly for the determined purpose of self-examination, because each of us has some qualities we have not yet added to our lives.

Your god may be your little Christian habit— the habit of prayer or Bible reading at certain times of your day. Watch how your Father will upset your schedule if you begin to worship your habit instead of what the habit symbolizes. We say, “I can’t do that right now; this is my time alone with God.” No, this is your time alone with your habit. There is a quality that is still lacking in you. Identify your shortcoming and then look for opportunities to work into your life that missing quality.

Love means that there are no visible habits— that your habits are so immersed in the Lord that you practice them without realizing it. If you are consciously aware of your own holiness, you place limitations on yourself from doing certain things— things God is not restricting you from at all. This means there is a missing quality that needs to be added to your life. The only supernatural life is the life the Lord Jesus lived, and He was at home with God anywhere. Is there someplace where you are not at home with God? Then allow God to work through whatever that particular circumstance may be until you increase in Him, adding His qualities. Your life will then become the simple life of a child.

by Oswald Chambers