Day: September 6, 2016

To Go or To Live

A.B. Simpsonby A.B. Simpson

For I am now ready to be offered—2 Timothy 4:6

When a Roman soldier was told by his guide that if he insisted on taking a certain journey it would probably be fatal, he answered, “It is necessary for me to go; it is not necessary for me to live.” That was depth. When we are convicted like that we shall amount to something.

The shallow nature lives in its impulses, its impressions, its intuitions, its instincts and very largely in its surroundings. The profound character looks beyond all these and moves steadily on, sailing past the storms and clouds into the clear sunshine which is always on the other side. It waits for the afterward that inverts sorrow, seeming defeat and failure. When God has deepened us, then He can give us His deeper truths, His profoundest secrets, His mightier trusts.

Lord, lead me into the depths of Thy life and save me from a shallow experience.

by A.B. Simpson