Day: July 18, 2016

When Harvard Was Christian

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Therefore say to the Jews, ‘Thus says the Lord of hosts (armies), “Return to Me,” declares the Lord of hosts, “and I shall return to you. Zechariah 1:3

Harvard College was founded in 1638 by Puritans for training missionaries for the Gospel. Up to the 1700’s, over half its graduates went into ministry. But by the mid-19th century, the last embers of spirituality were quickly disappearing. Yale University was founded in 1701 and from its beginning, taught students, “The Bible is the Word of God.” A group from the university travelled the country preaching salvation. But like Harvard, Yale’s evangelical stand soon disappeared. These universities were founded for the glory of God and yet, they ended up completely lost in all sorts of other purposes, except the one they came into existence for. It happens all the time, not just to universities, but also to believers. Maybe you started out pure, focused and full of zeal for the Lord, but got distracted, sidetracked, caught up in money, success, ministry or a thousand other things and forgot the very purpose for which you exist. Reconsecrate your heart, mind, soul, and strength to knowing and serving the Lord. Come back to your first call and don’t end up like Harvard.

Today’s Mission – If you’ve gotten distracted from fulfilling your purpose in life, get back on track. Reconsecrate your purpose and your path to God.

by Jonathan Cahn