The Dome of The Mountain

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Jerusalem and all the cities of Judah have heard of your justice, Lord, and are glad that you reign in majesty over the entire earth and are far greater than these other gods. Psalm 97:9

On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem sits a mosque. On its walls are written the words, “Allah has no son.” This central statement in Islam, is really an anti-statement talking about Messiah. It’s actually affirming what it denies because Psalm 2 says, “They rage against the Lord’s anointed,” His Son, “but I have set my King on my holy mountain.” It’s on this mountain that Islam rages against God’s Son. Even Islam cannot help but focus on Yeshua. It’s the same with Rabbinic Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and even Satanism. Those who are against Him still end up focusing on Him. How much should we, His followers, focus everything on Him? Make Him the focus of your day-to- day, of your thoughts, your heart, your plans, your every word, your actions, everything you do, because that’s the way existence works. It’s all focused on Him anyway. The more you focus on Him, the more blessed your life will be. He’s the Lamb; He’s the center of the throne. He’s the focus of everything. Make Him your focus and from that will come all blessings.

Today’s Mission – Today make a conscious effort to exalt Messiah in everything you do, and everywhere you go; be conscious of His presence.

by Jonathan Cahn