All For Christ

Grace Gemsby George Everard

The standard which the Apostle gives, reaches to every sphere and concerns every part of life. It touches the hidden world of the heart, and claims a control over every thought and motive and purpose. It comes to the little world of the family circle, and is our guide as to all we should speak and do amidst children or others about us. It follows us into the social world of friends and acquaintances, and is to control . . . our pleasures and recreations, the amusements we frequent, the books we read, and the company we choose. All of this is taken into account by Him who searches the heart and knows all our ways.

“All for Christ!” is our motto!

In fact, there is no part of our life which can be exempted from this Christian principle–business and recreation, social fellowship, the use of our money and our time–all we are, all we have, all we do or say must be for Christ, if we would be true to Him. We must never mark out one acre, or one square yard, or one inch of our life, and say in our heart, “Christ has nothing to do with this!” If we willfully take one single moment of our lives, or one single act, or word, or thought out of the direct control of the fear and love of God–that moment, or act, or word, or thought is one of sin.

We can only enjoy the comfort and peace which Christ gives, in proportion as we walk as He directs. If we desire to spend a happy, useful life, if we desire to meet the trials and the cares it may bring in quiet confidence and hope–we must not only rely upon the Savior’s all-sufficient grace, but carefully obey the precepts which He has given us.

Doing this, we need never be afraid. Dark clouds may overshadow our path, disease and death may visit our homes, losses and bad debts and hard times and multiplied troubles may come upon us–but doing God’s will, trusting in His never-failing Providence, relying upon His free grace and mercy in Christ, we are assured that He is with us, and will never fail us.

by George Everard