Living In An Advanced Grade

Jonathan Cahnby Jonathan Cahn

Does being in the Lord for a while count for anything? The Bible says that if you have been in the Lord a lot, a lot has been given to you. When much is given, much is required. Have you been given more knowledge, more grace, more time of growing in the Lord and the Word? More is required of you. If you aren’t feeling as blessed as you once felt, maybe that’s why. You can’t expect the same blessing when you are to be at a higher level. If a twelfth grader is only doing a first graders work, it might be an A+ for a first grader, but as a twelfth grader they will fail. A mature saint, living as an infant in the Lord, is not going to be blessed. If you have been given much, much is expected: in service, love, patience, peace, goodness, faith, joy, perseverance, wisdom, maturity, the Spirit-filled life. More blessings will happen when you live in a manner of the high calling you have been given, and in keeping with the much that has been given to you.

by Jonathan Cahn