Day: October 31, 2015

The Gospel of Christ Admits of No Compromise!

Grace Gemsby Jared Waterbury

“Advice to a Young Christian on the Importance of Aiming at an Elevated Standard of Piety”

“So then, any of you who does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple!” Luke 14:33

The gospel of Christ admits of no compromise. It demands our ALL. If it required less, it would be unworthy of its great author and finisher. I rejoice that it requires ALL–this is its glory. When we are brought to yield to its claims, and give up ALL–then, and not until then, will it throw around us its arms of mercy.

And do we talk about self-denial? Do we say, “It is hard to give up ALL!” I am ashamed to use such language–and ashamed to hear it used.

What did Christ give up for us? Let that question blot out “self-denial” from the Christian’s vocabulary. When you think the Gospel makes severe requisitions by requiring ALL–go up to Mount Calvary and weep over such suggestions. See the blood of your Immanuel so freely gushing from a heart that never exercised towards you any emotion but love–love unspeakable–love unsought–and love for the guilty vile! Go hide your head in shame and penitence at such a thought.

It is a glorious privilege, my friend, to give up ALL to Christ. The soul that feels the constraining influence of His love, asks not how little may be given consistently with obtaining the heavenly reward–asks not for the lowest standard of discipleship. It burns with an ardent desire to devote ALL, and to aim at perfect “conformity to His death.”

Determine, by the grace of God, that you will forsake all, and follow Christ. Do not, like Peter, follow Him afar off–but, like Mary, sit at His nail-pierced feet–like the beloved disciple John, rest upon His sweet bosom.

by Jared Waterbury