Day: September 30, 2015

We Must Hold Nothing From Him

James Smithby James Smith

Abide with Me” 1859

Our deep necessity fits us for Christ–and His infinite fullness fits Him for us!

Our trials, troubles, temptations, disappointments, and vexations are to teach us our need of Christ–and drive us continually to Him.

There is often much prayer–and yet little communion with Christ.
We should realize that He is giving us His whole attention.

He expects us to tell Him . . . all that troubles us, all that grieves us, all that pleases us, all that we need, and all that we desire.

We should keep back nothing from Him–but speak to Him freely on every subject, and every circumstance.

He is always with us, listening to us, and sympathetically entering into all our concerns!

We must be intimate with Christ. We must walk with Him. We must carry everything to Him. We must seek all we need from Him. We must be constantly . . . going to Christ, conversing with Christ, and obtaining from Christ–if we would receive the consoling influences of His love!

by James Smith